Stars slay in Metalics at the Met Gala! Check out the hot photos! #Kyliejenner

met gala

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It has been known as the Oscars of the East Coast.

And The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Benefit lived up to its status on Monday evening as some of the greatest names in music, film, and the runway arrived sporting ornate costumes created by the world’s premier style designers.

Tiwa Savage’s Viral VIDEO TOP Interviewer, Azuka, Responds to Critics And Addresses New Allegations About THE 50 yr doctor TeeBillz Allegedly Has A Little one With.

Tiwa Savage’s Viral VIDEO TOP Interviewer, Azuka, Responds to Critics And Addresses New Allegations About THE 50 yr doctor TeeBillz Allegedly Has A Little one With.

Here is an except from the interview given to GenevieveNg

How did you get to interview Tiwa ?

I was supposed to interview her three weeks ago. And she was supposed to get permission to use Jamil’s picture with the pampers picture.

I had been following up for a while unsuccessfully. i believe she was reluctant because of the issues going on in the marriage.

After Teejay’s rant in the morning, I was asked to check online and saw TeeJay’s rant. I called Tiwa and told her what I heard and asked about the interview we were supposed to have. I later called Elohor both lines were busy throughout the day. I was finally able to get Elohor about 10pm and said I need to speak to Tiwa.But she replied that she doesnt think Tiwa will talk. Around 2am my phone rang and I saw Tiwa’s caller ID. And it was herPA saying she’s ready to do the interview and asked If I can come she would be very grateful. So I had to get my younger brother to  come with me because of the time. So they came to pick me from home and we went to Tiwa’s house. It was a bit scary because of that time of the night.

The interview was meant for ThisDay not PulseTV but her management decided to release it to Pulse instead. I was quite upset about that.

What state did you meet her ?

She was in a bad state. Like someone in mourning. Her eyes were swollen. She was in tears.  I met her with Elohor in her bedroom. And she gave me her phone to read the exchange between her and her husband and from my conclusion she wanted peace and was asking for them to part ways amicably and be good friend’s for Jamil’s sake. I saw her photos from the miscarriage and that brought tears to my eyes.

People said why did she take pictures. But I believe it was because she knew who she married. There were pictures of her in a stretcher.

How well do you know them ?

I met Tiwa before she came to Nigeria. We became friends when she relocated and I did an interview with her. And shortly threreafter she introduced me to TJ as her manager then and we got talking. He showed a lot of dedication in making sure Tiwa progressed in her career.

I got along well with TJ even more than Tiwa. I feel very heartbroken this happened. I was involved in their wedding. I was the only journalist who flew to their wedding in Dubai.

Why did you show no emotion during the the interview  ?

I had done my crying before I went on air. I told myself I had to be hard and it was deliberate. And her management insisted it had to be recorded so that she would not be misquoted. I am not a camera person but I decided to go along with their conditions because I wanted the exclusive. I felt she trusted me enough to give me the exclusive. I’m very nervous in front of the camera. It wasn’t easy for me because I was talking to a friend. I like TJ. I like Tiwa. It was tough I was trying to remove my emotions.

What would you say to your critics ?

I read some of the feedback and insults. I am not a TV journalist. I am a print journalist. I am not trained to be before a camera. I understand the criticism was because of the love for Tiwa so I’m not really bothered because I love her too. So believe it was because I didn’t show her the love which her fans expected.

After the interview was over we still sat down and talked and consoled her.

There were so many memes about my expression. People read me wrong. I was trying not to cry. I was in shock. But cyber bullying doesn’t move me. I have a thick skin. Tiwa knows I like her genuinely so I am ok with what anybody else says, We have mutual respect. She even called me later on to tell me not to let the insults bother me.

Some people even commended me on my ability to detach my emotions.I understand her fans coming after me because they think I’m an enemy.

what else would you have asked ?

I think I would have loved to speak with TJ. I read him and Tiwa’s exchange on her phone. Tiwa didn’t want war. I would have asked him how he allowed situation to deteriorate so horribly. I remember how he used to be so protective of her, she was like an egg to him. So it is so shocking things have gotten to this stage.

Do you think too much was shared ? 

The woman I saw that night was broken. I really don’t want to blame her. She was a woman who had tried so much. She was in a terrible state. I had to ask her why she was crying like someone had died.  She has covered so much from the public like when she covered his debts for the car,wristwatch etc because she was scared the media would get hold of all the information.

I dont believe she did it to revenge. Tiwa is a soft soul. She is not a bitter person. She probably did it to save her brand. She’s the biggest female brand in Nigeria maybe even Africa.

Do you think this will affect her endorsements ?

I don’t think so. I hope not. She was paid 2.5m for a show with Remy Martin and the money never got to her because it was with TJ.

Who do you think is at fault ?

I don’t really want to support anyone but I know them both. I know Tiwa will not fabricate things that never happened. If  have to stand with anyone I will stand with Tiwa.

New allegations have come out about the identity of the 50year old Teebillz had a child with. Can you confirm ?

It’s actually shocking because I know Dr Oputa very well. Teebillz mentioned the child in one of his rants on social media. The information was revealed by Capital NG so it’s possible Lanre knows a close member for the family.

I’m trying to reach Lanre, the owner of Capital NG to confirm the story.

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Naijagal Stunning producer/ actress Omoni Oboli’s 38th Birthday Party In Pictures

Omoni Oboli’s 38th Birthday Celebration In Footage

Actress and Wives On Strike film producer Omoni Oboli celebrated her 38th birthday recently with pals and colleagues at Genesis Cinemas Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria.
The cocktail model celebration also included a personal screening of Wives On Strike. Toke Makinwa, Omawunmi, Kemi Lala Akindoju, Debola Lagos and others had been in attendance to share the Joyful day with the star!

Nollywood’s hottest virgin hits the seaside in sensual outfit

Nollywood’s hottest virgin hits the seaside in sensual outfit

She is called the hottest virgin in Nollywood because she acted as a virgin in a movie!

She is Ify Adibeli and if there’s ever something so apparent concerning the upcoming actress, it’s that she gorgeous. She once mentioned  that her father would be unhappy with her shouldify she take on romantic roles! However, it appears Ify might have a change of heart in the future, you never know! As an actress you have to be ready to be versatile!

Peace at last! Linda Ikeji and Wizkid take pictures with the police commissioner

linda Ikeji police commissioner photo
photosource: instagram ellezsandasblog

Here are two pictures from the truce called between Wizkid and Linda Ikeji at the office of the Lagos police commissioner


They both look great! Body language experts say from the pictures we can tell they are both satisfied with the outcome from the meeting. One is more comfortable with taking a photo and the other? Well not so much. Now all is well.

Linda said on her blog:

I am going to write about this Wizkid matter for the very last time. Anything else after this will no longer concern me. So Wizkid and I met with the Commissioner of Police today and when the Commissioner asked me what I wanted them to do with the case… I told him that I wanted peace. And the reason why I insisted on peace and not to drag the matter further i.e go to court, is because Wizkid and his lawyers have been apologizing since Friday, up until today!

I spoke with Wizkid through his lawyer on Friday April 15th where he tendered an apology to me and said he wasn’t a violent person, that he didn’t mean what he said, that it was just an emotional outburst. And then he asked for forgiveness. Please continue…

But despite forgiving him, he still had to show up at the Police HQ to officially apologize and write an undertaken which he did today.

I see a lot of negativity has come out of this case with Wizkid – with many folks bashing me for reporting a threat on my person. But here’s my consolation and why I am glad this happened. I promise you, especially the ladies, Wizkid will never threaten you with harm again. At least not in public. I believe I am the last bus stop. He will think twice before threatening another human being again on social media. A police file has been opened for him, and he has been cautioned. The day he threatens another human being again with harm, then…

Having said that, I turned down taking a photo with him and the police commissioner this afternoon. One of his people took a pic of him and the commissioner with me in it and my people insisted they delete it. Not because I haven’t forgiven him, I just don’t need the extra drama.

I wish Wizkid all the best and will continue to celebrate him.


We wish both parties the best!!


Now about a a cool video? What do you say guys? I need to hear some Ojuelegba! Enjoy!!




Omg, I am loving this track dedicated to all Naijagals out there! Mama by Kiss Daniel Just rocks period!! “Talk to me oh mama”! I love it! Enjoy!!

On 1st of May, 2016, G-Worldwide Entertainment act Kiss Daniel will release his much-anticipated first studio album NEW ERA.
Ahead of the album’s official drop, the afro pop sensation has shared the bubbly new single “Mama” produced by prolific music producer Young John “The Wicked Producer” which comes as just the latest single from NEW ERA, following the inescapable “Good Time” single.