Glad to see this poster from naijablog’s site. Why can’t the Nollywood Posters look like this?? I mean this is simply classy. It is a good price too to see the play too.
N3000, the equivalent of $26.

Usher and Tameka Foster to wed! Okay that may be old news to you all but it is interesting to see that Usher likes an older lady. Tameka is fly but Chili is stunning! I have personally seen them (Usher and Chili) together back in the day and they looked so good together. Anyhoo, wishing them the best!

Beyonce, You have got to be kidding me! Oscar night’s best and worst dressed.

On yahoo Beyonce was listed as one of the best dressed celebrities on the red carpet.
What were they smoking! NOT FEELING THIS DRESS AT ALL!

Dream girls Jennifer Hudson was listed as one of the worst dressed! Are you kidding! The dress is nice or are we looking at a different dress here?

Now this by KIRSTEN DUNN! I have no comment at all!

What do you say?

Cool advice from a fashion prenuer

“Live love yourself each and everyday! Buy classic not trendy because trends fade but style is eternal!”

Steal that look is a blog that will stand on its own because this naijagal blog depicts basically fashion and the steal that look blog shows you how to get that fashion on a budget. So how are you doing?

More coming up today!


Catching up with old friends I came across one of my cool team co-workers, who is now an elementary teacher!

Mind you she left a high paying corporate job with a top 3 software company and opted for a masters in education. That got me seriously inspired to get going with my dreams and aspirations. I am currently contacting schools to get into their masters in design program. Life is too short dearies to wish on a star. I will keep you all updated.

Anyhoo, for some reason I have fallen in love with photography at the moment. Ordered my spanking New NIKON D40.

I saw a craigslist ad requesting a photography assistant. I guess I can do this on the weekend to get some experience. Is anyone following the Anna Nicole
court saga what a tragedy. I am also experimenting with maternity tees too. We will see where that takes me.

On a funny note I got an email (one of many) from someone who thinks I am Bella. Well just to clarify, am not Bellanaija. How amazingly funny is that?

My glass slipper has a franchise! I love