Some wedding favors are just simply too much, I believe they add a touch to your wedding day and are a classy way to say thanks to your invitees! Here is one:

“The Cosmopolitan” Monogrammed Jewelry Pouch

and another!

“Something Blue” Gift Box Candle in Pearlized Box with Satin Printed Ribbon

(Reminiscent of Tiffany’s)

What are your thoughts, did you use wedding favors at your wedding? Tell me your story if you did, I would love to hear!


Nigerian based in the UK Kosibah is definitely top talent in the UK for bridal wear. I have actually seen his work live at a friend’s wedding in 2006 and all I can say is, she looked stunning! Here are pictures from his line:

Hi readers stopping by, I would love your ocmments! What are you thoughts on his bridal style? For more pictures and styles be sure to visit :Kosibah’s site

On an another note also if you are feeling the slipper below like I am let me know either by email or by posting a comment as well.


“Radio Africa” in 1986 the video listed above said “I am hearing only bad news from radio Africa.” I remember as a child thinking what the hell is he talking about? Listening to this now. It makes sense, however we need to celebrate the success stories from Africa. I hope this blog will highlight good things.

For instance, I came across a site yesterday (still wondering how it works) but I have to say, this organization is doing a good deed. Lending money to those in need and getting paid back. This is not a handout; this is what the people who cannot afford need. They do not need nor want anyone giving them rice, instead they would prefer to have the tools to create the rice they want.

Yvonne Chaka Chaka’s song “my mamaland”(the video listed yesterday) evokes emotions in me; I love my mamaland; the red sand, the love of family, hardly would you find someone homeless. Do not discount what $300 can do in the life of an entrepreneur. As a kid when i received money as an allowance of sorts, I would save my money till I had enough to buy food items; I would then pester my mother to take me to the market and subsequently take me to the “motherless babies home” (orphanage). I would spend the day there with so much joy.

What have you done in the life of someone today? This goes to you reading this.

Now take a look below and see how African entrepreneurship is thriving!

now what are your thoughts?


Are you a budding designer? Well here is my practical advice on areas yet uncharted.
Find a niche! Wedding, Maternity and of course the most overlooked fashion enthusiasts plus size!
Guess what entrepreneur magazine says about the plus size market?
“The numbers don’t lie. The average American woman is a size 12 to 16, and 30 percent of all U.S. adults are obese. Meanwhile, London-based researcher Mintel International Group Ltd. reports the plus-size clothing market reached nearly $32 billion in 2005. It’s no wonder plus sizes are making waves” African sisters too.
Now given a choice to start my own line; I would say my niche would be plus and maternity. It is a huge and dare I say overlooked market. Any questions?
If you are a budding designer, here is my advice.
1. Think globally. Design your style and then send it off via base camp to your manufacturer in china etc.
2. Get people to talk about it. Get on a blog like naijagal. Next thing you know you are well on your way.
3. Partner up! Do you know someone selling plus size robes. You sell plus size lingerie for example.
Any other ideas? Good news readers, I have something cooking which I am pretty excited about.


picture above by Kevin O’Rourke

I know I am considering going into that arena. There is so much moneyto be made considering the amount you place into it.

Well here goes fashionistas! Your wedding guide in NAIJA

First stop wedding makeup:

House of Tara’s fees range from N15,000 to N70,000

Next stop wedding Cakes!

Wedding cakes range from N50,000 to N500,000 depending on layers etc

Wedding Gowns? You can rent from Chioma Dibor’s Brides & Bells.

“Dibor believes couples do not have to run into debts buying their wedding clothing needs when they can rent them, without mortgaging quality, at what she calls “affordable prices”. So Dibor rents out “classy” wedding gown and accessories to “help wedding couples cut cost.” Her rates hover between N20,000 and N25,000 for bridal dress and accessories, and N15,000 and N20,000 for complete groom suit. ” according to the news!

But since you insist on buying! It will set you back between N100000-500000.

Geles? No problem call KAREEM, she pockets up to N3,000 to tie that GELE STYLE you crave!

Cost of the hall? “At Liberty, a 1500-capacity hall on Lekki-Epe expressway, the charge is N393,750 per event”

Food? No problem! Item 7 does not come cheap check out the nifty profit:

” The profit on an event ranges from N50,000 to N200,000, depending on the calibre of the client or the number of invitees.”

Okay did I miss anything oh yes! do not forget the wedding favors!
and the wedding invitations more on that soon!