Naijagal’s favorite things Part 1

So guess what readers Naijagal is back and ready to have some fun! So here goes our top picks for a relaxing weekend! A lot of folks have asked if I am real since I began this blog over 10 years ago the original and the best. Well I am so here goes my favorite guilty pleasure books!

Books I am reading this weekend!

Okay first a steamy one. A little crazy and a brilliant one.


First stop is the steamy Do Me Baby Forever by B Prince! I can’t put this book down lol and it is only $2.99 has to be crazy! It is quite a page turner! Like seriously!


Then I came across the funny “The one you wanna see on wattpad and dare I say I am hooked!” Call me a sucker for fan fiction but you too will get hooked!

Finally I am a little techie so I will curl up to my oracle essientials book!



What is your favorite book?

#naijagaloftheday is our very own super Naijagal Rowing Champion Cherika Ukogu



Our super Naijagal Cherika just made it to the semi Finals at the olympics! We are mighty proud of her!

About me:

My rowing career began in 2006 at Mount Saint Joseph Academy, and I was hooked as soon as I took my first stroke. Following high school, I attended Stanford University and competed at the D1 level while completing pre-med coursework. After graduating in 2014, I put medical school on hold to dedicate my time to training.

I am honored to have the chance to represent Nigeria in the 2016 Olympic Games. I have always felt strong ties to Nigeria as the daughter of Nigerian immigrants. In 2007, I founded a non-profit organization called Flip Flops for Africa and donated 10,000 pairs of flip flops to Nigerians in need. I hope that my athletic endeavors will inspire other Nigerians to take up rowing and experience the same joy I feel every time I’m on the water.

I have been so blessed throughout my rowing career, from the Mount to Stanford, Vesper Boat Club, and Conshohocken Rowing Club.  I am proud to be a part of the long history of athletes who have raced for the Philadelphia Scholastic Rowing Association and the Schuylkill Navy of Philadelphia. I am willing and able to put in the training to get to the next level, and I thank you for helping to make this dream a reality!

Say what? R Kelly got a new girl she is 19 and he is 49!!!

rkelly halle callhounOmg! If this isn’t the most scandalous story to hit the news, then I don’t know what is! So here is the story:

The story goes 49-year-old R. Kelly is dating 19-year-old Halle Calhoun. No one was for certain when they started seeing each other, but photos of the couple together at an Atlanta nightclub are circulating on the internet.  Oh  the ATL

#RKelly spotted last night at Gold Room in Atlanta with his rumored girlfriend #HalleCalhoun via. @atlpics

A photo posted by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

The relationship may be legal, but people still feel like it’s just not appropriate. After all, Complex points out that “I Believe I Can Fly” came out before Calhoun was born. Kelly could easily be her dad.

That Moment when R Kelly is trending and Yup – just what you thought

I’m 41 with a 23yr old daughter and can’t even fathom having ANY kind of interest in a 19yr old

Twitter and all of the social media is going crazy about this story here are some comments

Lol I’m really more surprised ol girl r kelly messing with is over 18

Technically she is older than his other love interests (child rape victims). He is a menace.

Clicked on trending hoping he’s not suddenly dating a fetus. Relieved to know he’s dating a 19-year old.

Whether or not the rumors are true, it is good to see people calling this out for what it is: unbelievable!.

Guess who is back! Book Club Launch! Unfinished Issues By Isoken John!

Yes, Naijagal your global and Original Naijagal is back on the block! Boy, do I have a lot to tell you! So we took some time off to relaunch your favorite site. We are not going to follow a mold because we believe you have to be different to succeed. So here goes, we are going to have a weekly book club. You read along with us and send your reviews, and we will post them. Sound fair? Cool! So our book of the day, currently sitting at Number 1 new Release on Amazon is

Unfinished Issues!

Unfinished Issues Isoken John

Now what we love about the book is its simplicity. Based in Atlanta, this page turner got us yearning for more and more. The complexity of the characters makes this contemporary novel a fun easy read.Think Tyler Perry meets waiting to exhale! The cover is gorgeous; the characters certainly  keep us in suspense!

Read it and let us chat this week about it on here.

The book is currently as at this writing number 1 on Amazon African Literature

Amazon Best Sellers  Best African Literature unfinished issues

Not bad you can get the book here:

Our Naijagal of the day is Celestina AladeKoba!! she featured in Prince’s video Black Sweat and more!!

So truth be told we came across this Prince music video years ago and we always wondered and admired the girl in the video. We were impressed to discover she is a Naijagal! So today readers, here is what you need to know about Celestina Aladekoba

She is smart intelligent and an amazing dancer.


She graduated from the University of Southern California


She worked with the great Prince, in his video for Black Sweat


Celestina Aladekoba is a recording artist, dancer and actress. She is perhaps best known for appearing in Prince’s “Black Sweat” music video, and in MTV’s original dance-themed reality television program DanceLife.


She has worked with Chris Brown and so many others.

She grew up in Nigeria  and Maryland. A True Naijagal to the core!  More pictures of Celestina Aladekoba


Stars slay in Metalics at the Met Gala! Check out the hot photos! #Kyliejenner

met gala

Picture credit: DailyMail

It has been known as the Oscars of the East Coast.

And The Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Benefit lived up to its status on Monday evening as some of the greatest names in music, film, and the runway arrived sporting ornate costumes created by the world’s premier style designers.

Tiwa Savage’s Viral VIDEO TOP Interviewer, Azuka, Responds to Critics And Addresses New Allegations About THE 50 yr doctor TeeBillz Allegedly Has A Little one With.

Tiwa Savage’s Viral VIDEO TOP Interviewer, Azuka, Responds to Critics And Addresses New Allegations About THE 50 yr doctor TeeBillz Allegedly Has A Little one With.

Here is an except from the interview given to GenevieveNg

How did you get to interview Tiwa ?

I was supposed to interview her three weeks ago. And she was supposed to get permission to use Jamil’s picture with the pampers picture.

I had been following up for a while unsuccessfully. i believe she was reluctant because of the issues going on in the marriage.

After Teejay’s rant in the morning, I was asked to check online and saw TeeJay’s rant. I called Tiwa and told her what I heard and asked about the interview we were supposed to have. I later called Elohor both lines were busy throughout the day. I was finally able to get Elohor about 10pm and said I need to speak to Tiwa.But she replied that she doesnt think Tiwa will talk. Around 2am my phone rang and I saw Tiwa’s caller ID. And it was herPA saying she’s ready to do the interview and asked If I can come she would be very grateful. So I had to get my younger brother to  come with me because of the time. So they came to pick me from home and we went to Tiwa’s house. It was a bit scary because of that time of the night.

The interview was meant for ThisDay not PulseTV but her management decided to release it to Pulse instead. I was quite upset about that.

What state did you meet her ?

She was in a bad state. Like someone in mourning. Her eyes were swollen. She was in tears.  I met her with Elohor in her bedroom. And she gave me her phone to read the exchange between her and her husband and from my conclusion she wanted peace and was asking for them to part ways amicably and be good friend’s for Jamil’s sake. I saw her photos from the miscarriage and that brought tears to my eyes.

People said why did she take pictures. But I believe it was because she knew who she married. There were pictures of her in a stretcher.

How well do you know them ?

I met Tiwa before she came to Nigeria. We became friends when she relocated and I did an interview with her. And shortly threreafter she introduced me to TJ as her manager then and we got talking. He showed a lot of dedication in making sure Tiwa progressed in her career.

I got along well with TJ even more than Tiwa. I feel very heartbroken this happened. I was involved in their wedding. I was the only journalist who flew to their wedding in Dubai.

Why did you show no emotion during the the interview  ?

I had done my crying before I went on air. I told myself I had to be hard and it was deliberate. And her management insisted it had to be recorded so that she would not be misquoted. I am not a camera person but I decided to go along with their conditions because I wanted the exclusive. I felt she trusted me enough to give me the exclusive. I’m very nervous in front of the camera. It wasn’t easy for me because I was talking to a friend. I like TJ. I like Tiwa. It was tough I was trying to remove my emotions.

What would you say to your critics ?

I read some of the feedback and insults. I am not a TV journalist. I am a print journalist. I am not trained to be before a camera. I understand the criticism was because of the love for Tiwa so I’m not really bothered because I love her too. So believe it was because I didn’t show her the love which her fans expected.

After the interview was over we still sat down and talked and consoled her.

There were so many memes about my expression. People read me wrong. I was trying not to cry. I was in shock. But cyber bullying doesn’t move me. I have a thick skin. Tiwa knows I like her genuinely so I am ok with what anybody else says, We have mutual respect. She even called me later on to tell me not to let the insults bother me.

Some people even commended me on my ability to detach my emotions.I understand her fans coming after me because they think I’m an enemy.

what else would you have asked ?

I think I would have loved to speak with TJ. I read him and Tiwa’s exchange on her phone. Tiwa didn’t want war. I would have asked him how he allowed situation to deteriorate so horribly. I remember how he used to be so protective of her, she was like an egg to him. So it is so shocking things have gotten to this stage.

Do you think too much was shared ? 

The woman I saw that night was broken. I really don’t want to blame her. She was a woman who had tried so much. She was in a terrible state. I had to ask her why she was crying like someone had died.  She has covered so much from the public like when she covered his debts for the car,wristwatch etc because she was scared the media would get hold of all the information.

I dont believe she did it to revenge. Tiwa is a soft soul. She is not a bitter person. She probably did it to save her brand. She’s the biggest female brand in Nigeria maybe even Africa.

Do you think this will affect her endorsements ?

I don’t think so. I hope not. She was paid 2.5m for a show with Remy Martin and the money never got to her because it was with TJ.

Who do you think is at fault ?

I don’t really want to support anyone but I know them both. I know Tiwa will not fabricate things that never happened. If  have to stand with anyone I will stand with Tiwa.

New allegations have come out about the identity of the 50year old Teebillz had a child with. Can you confirm ?

It’s actually shocking because I know Dr Oputa very well. Teebillz mentioned the child in one of his rants on social media. The information was revealed by Capital NG so it’s possible Lanre knows a close member for the family.

I’m trying to reach Lanre, the owner of Capital NG to confirm the story.

read more on Genevieveazuka


“Tiwa Stays a Pepsi Ambassador” Pepsi big honcho loves our Naijagal superstar Tiwa Savage!

Do not believe the crazy rumors on social media, Naijagal has confirmed from dependable sources that the Pepsi will not drop  our Naijagal superstar singer Tiwa Savage from being an  ambassador for Pepsi Nigeria.

According to the tiwaHead of Advertising and marketing twitter feed, Norden Thurston, ‘Tiwa Savage stays a Pepsi Ambassador and all rumours of her being dropped by Pepsi must be disregarded.’